Life Curated

It is all too familiar. The sudden internal debate. The swirl as your mind spins on its axis, frantically ticking off a mental checklist while an entire discussion simultaneously unravels in a monologue of inner chatter. All this, because you chose to take a pause, rest your chin in your hands and be still for a moment. This is your mind attempting to self soothe, to bring a little order to the chaos. We have all been there. The distractions in our lives are now so great that we are sometimes unable to focus on, or even decide, what is important in the moment. 

Picture, if you will, the curator of a gallery who quietly gathers possibilities, deftly organising and selecting while at the same time side-lining and eliminating that which is simply not suitable for purpose. The filter for what stays or goes is highly intentional. It is often a work in progress, but the idea is to create a deliberately curated space that encourages and inspires a creative vision.

There is much we can learn from the curator about being selective and deciding on what will make the cut for our lives while at the same time guarding and protecting the things that are most important. Deliberately reducing the noise creates space for us to appreciate the things that we care deeply about and for the things that bring us the most happiness. 

The yearning for making decisions actively and consciously — selecting only the best, and excluding the superfluous — aligns with the slow and intentional values of RUSKIN, and subsequently inspired our latest campaign, The Curators. We were lucky enough to shoot once again with Laura Meek (who we collaborated with on The Lakelanders and The Dreamers), this time in the Scottish National Gallery, whose backdrop serves to further this metaphor of curation. The newly available softly muted Birch and Mud colours of The Quentin Tote feature, serving as an elegant companion for a day of exploring. We were also thrilled to shoot with the wonderful videographer Antonia Blunt, who perfectly captured the essence of this free spirit in motion. You can now watch this on our site homepage as we wander through the city, with the beautifully versatile Chester in hand, curating a day with no obligations or time constraints.

The Curators campaign is a gentle reminder to hold tight to the real world, adjust to a fresh rhythm, consider a new level of social connectedness and filter what will stay or go in order to carve out a masterpiece that is truly your own.

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