The Dreamers

Through The
Creative Lens Of Laura Meek 

Photographer Laura Meek is living her childhood dream. There was really only ever one thing she wanted to do, and that was to be a photographer. From a young age, Laura documented her life in journals and later began to capture her experiences and develop her creative voice through photography. With an enduring love for film photography, Laura cites nature, unscripted journeys, mystery and romance as her main sources of inspiration, which have all helped, in their own way, to develop her visual language and eye for detail.

We first worked with Laura in the summer of 2020 when we packed up and headed north for our campaign shoot, The Lakelanders. Our intention was to capture the essence of RUSKIN in a series of images that explored some of the more hidden landscapes of the English Lake District, where our brand story begins.

More recently we have been working with Laura on our latest campaign - The Dreamers. Captured in the whimsical, enchanting setting of Saughton Gardens in Edinburgh, a place that Laura discovered during the period of lockdown, this campaign brings a little nostalgia of the good times along with dreamy moments of hope and freedom for the future. 

The series of images are the result of an ongoing creative collaboration between RUSKIN and Laura whose work typically blends together portrait, editorial and landscape imagery. The photographs dance optimistically between black and white portraits, hazy still lifes and abstract moments that communicate a sentiment of belonging and interconnectedness of people and nature. 

There is a variety and depth to Lauras imagery in her careful compositions that create nuance and draw the eye. Mostly though, it is her creativity with light, texture and colour that culminates in the perfect storm, to create the dream.

We hope you enjoy this selection of imagery from The Dreamers Campaign.