The view from the Peacock lounge at Eynsham Hall is really quite spectacular, sprawling out over rolling tree lined lawns, sweeping walkingways to peaceful gardens with ornamental ponds and the Oxfordshire countryside beyond. As the backdrop to many of the shots from our Autumn/Winter 18 campaign shoot it would be remiss of us not to devote some time to the interior of this particular room that sits modestly above the library in this great country house.

The Peacock Lounge, as it is aptly called, houses some of the finest hand painted wallpapers of the 19th Century.  These are masterpieces of generous proportions by the renowned English designer, architect and writer Owen Jones and certainly befitting of such a home as Eynsham Hall. For those who like their historical buildings to come with a little natural grandeur there could be no finer way to ensure a good first impression.

As a versatile architect and designer, and one of the most influential design theorists of the 19th century, Owen Jones was responsible for much of the decorative furnishings and exceptional interior paneling that are still on show at Eynsham Hall today. Jones was particularly keen to raise the standards of design in industry and to educate the public taste away from the patterns which dominated the mid-19th-century wallpaper market. In a departure from his pattern work, which was frequently geometric, Jones created the peacock wallpaper depicting a whimsical landscape with detailed birds and flowers in full bloom and rocks, lakes and streams in natures gentler shades.  With a soft textural quality and a shimmering ombre effect that catches the light as it floods the room, the subtle beauty of these designs really come to life.

Due to their fragile nature and the relative ease with which hand painted wallpapers could be replaced, papers of historical significance such as these have largely disappeared through the course of history. The peacock screens however have been delicately preserved by their owners and remain in quite exceptional condition but for the occasional tear and some signs of damage from water and fading caused by the sun.

While Oxfordshire is steeped in fascinating history and heritage, The Peacock Lounge at Eynsham Hall is a reminder that if you search just a little further it is still possible to uncover a few hidden gems.

With gratitude to Eynsham Hall